Triride Model TRX-SP-LIGHT
This is the “Special Light” version. Ideal for those who need to minimize the effort in handling the Triride. Easy to to attach; easy to put into car’s boot; easy to handle. This motor has excellent performance.
The Special Light model features a built-in computer controlled from a LCD display on the handlebar. The display gives information about milage, day trip, battery charge, speed. In particular, there are five speed levels, the first two complying with the British Road Regulations, limiting the speed at:
Level 1 = 4mph (pavements and bicycle lanes
Level 2 = 8mph (public roads)
Level 3 – 5: for usage in private areas.

Technical specifications:

Weight: 9 Kg
36V Ion-lithium battery, without “memory effect”.
50Km (30+ miles) range.
5 hours for a complete battery charge (much less for a partial one).
Driving wheel: 14” reinforced aluminium rim, with city or mountain bike tyres available. Optional 12″ wheel.
90° turning radius: allows U-turning on the spot.
Speed controlled by a thumb-operated accelerator on the handlebar and limited by the electronic control unit, which is programmable in compliance with legal requirements.
The electronic unit also controls forward and reverse ride, cruise control, motor brake and kinetic battery charge “Regen System” that charges the battery when the vehicle is in use: riding downhill and braking.
Powerful disc brake. Stainless steel frame.
European conformity certified. Patented model and trademark.

2-year guarantee (1 year for the battery)

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